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About The Artist Daniel Manoogian

Dan Manoogian

American, born March 30, 1960 

Lives & works in Chicago, IL


Daniel T. Manoogian is an oil painter focused on bold, action based, abstract art. Drawing inspiration from a history of intense curiosity, world adventure, nature, personal challenges, successful entrepreneurship, love of music, and parenting.

Dan’s work reflects his human experience with internal dialogue, being in relation with others, and interacting with the world at large. Using different abstract styles and techniques, his images combine excitement, conflict, complexity and the dramatic.

A life well lived involves balance: effort and effortlessness, exploration, self examination, adjustment and acceptance. Rarely straight forward nor neat and tidy, the beauty and wonderment can be seen both in the interaction of the details as well as the overall composition. Flawed and broken, but very much alive. 



Washington University, St. Louis




  • Board of Directors -  Lyric Opera, Chicago

  • Governing Member -  Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  • Member -  The Arts Club of Chicago

  • Founding Member -  Friends of Arms and Armor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

  • Lender and Donor - The Art Institute of Chicago

  • Washington University in St. Louis Alumni Board of Governors

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